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abp_meta's Journal

Discussion of A Bittersweet Potion by Al and Bug
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This community is for discussion of A Bittersweet Potion, a series of books by Alchemia Dent and Bugland (ABP).

WARNING: BOTH THE WRITING AND THE POSTS IN THIS COMM DEAL WITH STRONG SUBJECT MATTER INCLUDING ISSUES OF SEX AND VIOLENCE. Please do not read if it will disturb you or it is illegal for you to do so. Further, specific warnings to the stories can be found here. Be aware that they contain spoilers.

If I've friended you already, it's because I thought you might be interested in talking about ABP here. If you want to be defriended, just leave a comment on the comm and I'll do it gladly.

All members should feel free to make posts about any aspect of the ABP series that interests them. F-lock your post if you're feeling shy but still want to talk. And always be polite to each other, even if you think the other person is a stupid brickheaded numbnut. That goes without saying. Trolls will be speedily banned.

Not everyone has read all of the series yet. Please post spoilers under an lj cut.

Comment by alchemia, one of the authors:

If you guys DID make an ABP comm, I'd put a statement on it that any discussion was welcome within the rules created by the comm owners BY the authors ourselves, that we don't want people to hold back on our account, and if they were more comfortable, hell, post anon. One of the things that always frustrated me is when I read my web's stat page to follow links from pages - and it leads to LJ pages that are flocked about our stories, but I’d love to read them even if they said they hated it, or if they didn’t get it. I want to see the effect, the opinions, what tangential thoughts they had, how it influences the world in whatever small way. I want to see what worked as we wanted it to, and what didn’t so I can learn.

My view: f-lock if you want. I've friended alchemia and Bugland. Anyone have a problem with the authors seeing the posts? I can change it.