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Well, hello there! Given the results of my last poll, it seems people would like more involvement from me, rather than the 'hands off' approach I initially wanted to take. I will do my best to bring up topics focusing on your interpretations while trying to avoid injecting authorial intent into the discussion (unless directly asked). If you ever want to start a topic and do NOT want my input on it, simply say so- I am not offended and want you to feel free to discuss things.

First, for those not reading my LJ, it looks like, provided that nothing unexpected happens, I will start posting the first chapters of the next book later this month. ;-)

sscrewdriver posted the first poll to the comm asking about what the "worst" thing Snape has done so far in the series. One of the options was to give him a break, "Harry's worse than Snape is!". In comments the issue of Harry being worse than Snape sparked some discussion between, cruentum and myself and he made this interesting observation:

"... Snape having sex with Harry ... is that bad? If Harry enjoys it? (This ties in to the discussion of pedophilia), Snape being violent - is that worse than Harry raping [Snape] (which is, and I agree with Harry there, is what he did)? Is Dumbledore playing with them for a potential greater good, bad or just necessary? Is Lupin's attitude of looking away when he shouldn't bad or just human?

rory8 made a similar observation:

Yes, Severus acted horribly... But in view of my finding every single character so easy to hate, at least once each... I'd say Severus blends right in with the rest.

So, taking the original Snape poll one step further... Which character(s) do YOU judge to have have done the "worst" thing(s) so far in the story (intentionally or by mistake) and why? (You can still list Snape of course if, that's how you see it!).
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