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Discussion of A Bittersweet Potion by Al and Bug's Journal
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Discussion of A Bittersweet Potion by Al and Bug's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 15th, 2017
3:43 pm
a rekindling
this comm is cited in fanlore under abp, but it hasnt been active, probably due to our lack of updates (which should be coming later this year, i just dont want to jinx it with a more specific time time frame). i didnt create or maintain this group and if left unactive, LJ under new russian rules will eventually delete it, thus my post to buy time time, and suggesting someone with the ability to, move it to DW (there is an automated function i believe) if not for continued discussion, at least for fanlore links not to rot. (of course it can alternatively be kept here so long as there is a post every 6 months, but with anti gay laws in russia, i dont know if chan & slash fanfic literary criticism would be considered gay propoganda or not)
Monday, March 31st, 2008
12:39 pm
German translation ...?
Hi @everyone

I've been thinking of doing a German translation of the series.
First of all I wanted to know if Alchemia and Bugland are ok with it.

Second I was wondering if there are any German (speaking) people on lj who would like to help me out.

Would it be a good idea to open a lj group for discussing certain tricky passages ( and would you Alchemia / Bugland be fine with such a group as I would need to post parts of the fic in it) to find the most fitting translation or to have a place where one could discuss different meaning of certain words?

What do you guys think of it?

EDIT 5th July 2008
At the moment I still got a lot of test ahead of me, but I should be able to start translating at the end of this month. So far Effie_chan and someone else offered help.
Sunday, October 21st, 2007
11:33 am
my first snarry sketches
Take a look at my first foray into fandom art, <a href="http://venturous.insanejournal.com/1612.html">here. </a><br /><br />Comments greatly appreciated.&nbsp; Thanks!

ABP was, gratefully, my first taste of Snarry fic. I hope to develop some art from it going forward.

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, September 27th, 2007
1:51 pm
More from da Kitty... a bit of filk
Melinda Kitty, my friend and fellow raving ABP fan keeps feeding me her evil genious, as she is stranded offline at a screenwriter's conference.

You can contact her via IJ: melindakitty.insanejournal.com


How tired am I?

Inspired by the SNAPE: THE MUSICAL clip (from SnapeCast ep. 15)snape I decided to
rewrite one of my favorite song snippet.

Please don't ask me to sing it.

But for your viewing pleasure, this is how I've spent
the last hour and a half:

“Magic Potion” by Melinda Kimberly
A parody of  “Razzle Dazzle” from CHICAGO
Inspired by “Poison Potion” from SNAPE: THE MUSICAL, from SnapeCast episode 15

Current Mood: silly
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
9:12 am
Reply to Al's querie "On Love"
Longish but interesting response from friend MelindaKitty, who requested I post this for her.

Can you pass this on? I'm waist-deep in my screenplay and I'll be
playing hookey as it is to answer.

> # How do you define love?

Love is a selfless act of benevolence. When your
actions show that you care more about the needs and
wants of someone else than you do about your own, you
give love. When you give someone something they really
need, expecting nothing in return, you give love.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
4:36 am
Intertexius Update
OK. I have the single-file forms of all the fics (ABP and the one shots and the translations) uploaded. Please let me know if any links are dead because I am tired and could have made a typo when coding the page.

While we usually have used http://www.intertexius.COM if you still get an error there (i've set it to forward, but it can take a while to process), just try http://www.intertexius.NET or http://www.intertexius.ORG
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
8:27 pm
Delurking with question
Hello everyone! ::waves::

I've been lurking without joining for a while now (I can't help it, its my nature). I'm just sad I have to delurk for something that makes me look like a whiner-baby :( I dont know where else to ask, so I thought I'd try here. It's not about the fic, but about the website.

I've been trying to get into intertexius.com to reread The River today, but I keep getting a user name and password screen. When i dont enter one, I get sent to a page with a vdeck symbol on it that says the domain is forbidden. Have the stories been protected? or is my computer playing games with my mind? Anyone else have this problem?
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
10:10 pm
i think a few of you watching here arent on my personal lj flist. we've had a run unexpected crisis after crisis (not all 'bad' just very demanding of time/energy), including unexpectedly having to move (the new place is better but it was poorly timed).

We are settling in, and waiting for DSL to be connected to the house, and then I'll be catching up with stuff and should start posting the next book then- so, ideally there will be more ABP within the month. Cross your fingers or whatever for us, 'cause I know you want more fic and i need less stress!
Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
11:58 pm
Harry's pregnancy in "Family"
So, I was just re-reading "Family", and thinking about what Harry's pregnacy and miscarriage means to the characters and to the story, as well as wondering what other readers reactions to it were.

I was not surprised when it came out that Harry had been pregnant--I though that the series had a lot of foreshadowing of the possiblity, as well as immediate foreshadowing of his symptoms in the chapters leading up to that one. I was actually pleased that the authors felt comfortable including this in the relationship between the two men, and not just as another trauma for them to live through. I personality felt like the pregnancy was indicative of hope for their relationship, and the possiblity of a future that is less fucked up than their present. Of course, the pregnancy plays into the theme of that story, of family, and ties in nicely with Harry's mouse babies (lol, won't Voldie be surprised when he gets a mouse as Harry's first born!), his talking to his parents, and his fantasies of having Severus, Remus, and Sirius be his new family.

The fact that the pregancy ended in miscarriage, and that neither the characters nor the audience knew Harry was pregnant until it was over is, in my opinion, also indicative of the series as a whole. Nothing is easy for these two, and it makes a certain morbid sense that even their child is conceived to be incompatable with life (the two Y chromasones). I find myself hoping that later on in the books, when Harry has matured some and Severus has forgiven himself some, that we can have another chance at them having children together. I see them both as damaged people, but as redemable, as able to become whole and healthy. Being able to create a child together and raise it would be the natural end point of a healthy relationship between them, as they both do want a family.

I also want to say that as much as a teenage Harry sees a male pregnancy as disturbing, echoing some reader's thoughts, I'm sure, the adult Severus does not, and neither do I. I think we need to see more of Severus's grief over the miscarriage, as well as Harry coming out of denial and accepting responsiblity for all of his children, and for his sexuality, which they are the physical embodiment of. I want to see Harry grow up in these stories--and I really feel that the denial he is in over the children he has and the one (the really important one, the one with his true love) that he lost. I can't see him being an adult without dealing with this. I would love to see a planned pregnancy between them before the end of this whole thing.

Any thoughts, ABP lovers?
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
11:56 pm
Well, hello there! Given the results of my last poll, it seems people would like more involvement from me, rather than the 'hands off' approach I initially wanted to take. I will do my best to bring up topics focusing on your interpretations while trying to avoid injecting authorial intent into the discussion (unless directly asked). If you ever want to start a topic and do NOT want my input on it, simply say so- I am not offended and want you to feel free to discuss things.

First, for those not reading my LJ, it looks like, provided that nothing unexpected happens, I will start posting the first chapters of the next book later this month. ;-)

And now, for a topic of discussion... Cut for spoilers up to book 3/Purification)Collapse )
So, taking the original Snape poll one step further... Which character(s) do YOU judge to have have done the "worst" thing(s) so far in the story (intentionally or by mistake) and why? (You can still list Snape of course if, that's how you see it!).

Current Mood: curious
Friday, March 2nd, 2007
4:22 pm
Someone on my flist commented sadly that there are a number of usually talkative people here, but not much actual talking going on. sscrewdriver's got some interesting results if few replies and doctor_bendo brought up some great initial discussion ideas here and blackletter posted some initial meta on Pederasty amd Dumbledore, but they haven't gone veryfar.

I told sscrewdriver and D when the idea for the comm came up, that I wanted it to be a place for readers to discusss freely their own ideas and issues and feelings. I have my own journal to give my own POV as an author, this place is meant for you! I don't want you to worry about questioning authorial intent or offending the author (I'm not, I love seeing people's different POV's on things, and suggestions that help me as a writer).

So I'd like to know, if there's something I can do to help (besides starting to post the next book whichwe will as soon as we feel its ready!). Please be truthful, I've a very thick skin on this kind of issue!

would you feel more comfortable discussing in this comm if...

I left the comm and did not watch it
I only watch the comm but do not comment at all
I comment more
I start discussions
other (comment please!)
Saturday, February 24th, 2007
4:23 pm
Dumbledore's Acceptance?
This is all off-the-top-of-my-head musings, ramblings, and wild speculations.

Why is Dumbledore OK with the relationship between Severus and Harry?Collapse )
Monday, February 19th, 2007
7:11 pm
Poll: Snape's behaviour in ABP
Poll #930685 What's the worst thing Snape's done so far in ABP?

hypatia made this comment about Snape in ABP: "His violence in the last book was confronting and, to me, unforgiveable." So what do you think is the worst thing Snape has done in ABP so far?

Having a relationship with a student in the first place
Being so temperamental and bad-tempered when Harry really needs love and stability
What he did to Harry's parents in the past
His violence towards Harry
His involvement with the Death Eaters
Something else (please explain)
Yes, he's done some bad things, but given his circumstances he hasn't had much choice.
What are you talking about? Harry's worse than Snape is! Give the guy a break!

I've been reminded that not everyone has read all of ABP (well, it is incredibly long.) Any spoilers should be under a cut, I suppose, but dicussions themselves are definitely going to be spoilery. That's a warning.
2:07 am
First post to abp_meta
Hey there. You may be wondering what on earth this new comm, abp_meta, is that suddenly popped up on your f-list. If I've seen you commenting on the writing of alchemia and bugland around LJ, and especially on 'A Bittersweet Potion', that's probably why I added you to the f-list of this new comm. I hope you aren't annoyed - just make a comment if you want to be taken off and I will, no problem at all.

I've been reading ABP for about a year. Right from the start I had an incredible need to find a place where I could discuss my reactions to the writing and all the myriad of stuff that it was churning up inside me. Do you know what I mean? It's quite intense stuff.

I friended Al and Bug's journals, and go to know them and other readers, but on the request of fellow reader D I've finally decided to create a comm just for talking about ABP.

I've allowed anon posting and commenting. I may have to change this later, but let's see how that goes for the moment. Also feel free to f-lock posts if you want a bit of privacy from casual eyes.

for our first post we have a review of ABP by keri (whatnottoreadCollapse )
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