nebelkaetzchen (nebelkaetzchen) wrote in abp_meta,

German translation ...?

Hi @everyone

I've been thinking of doing a German translation of the series.
First of all I wanted to know if Alchemia and Bugland are ok with it.

Second I was wondering if there are any German (speaking) people on lj who would like to help me out.

Would it be a good idea to open a lj group for discussing certain tricky passages ( and would you Alchemia / Bugland be fine with such a group as I would need to post parts of the fic in it) to find the most fitting translation or to have a place where one could discuss different meaning of certain words?

What do you guys think of it?

EDIT 5th July 2008
At the moment I still got a lot of test ahead of me, but I should be able to start translating at the end of this month. So far Effie_chan and someone else offered help.
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