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Harry's pregnancy in "Family"

So, I was just re-reading "Family", and thinking about what Harry's pregnacy and miscarriage means to the characters and to the story, as well as wondering what other readers reactions to it were.

I was not surprised when it came out that Harry had been pregnant--I though that the series had a lot of foreshadowing of the possiblity, as well as immediate foreshadowing of his symptoms in the chapters leading up to that one. I was actually pleased that the authors felt comfortable including this in the relationship between the two men, and not just as another trauma for them to live through. I personality felt like the pregnancy was indicative of hope for their relationship, and the possiblity of a future that is less fucked up than their present. Of course, the pregnancy plays into the theme of that story, of family, and ties in nicely with Harry's mouse babies (lol, won't Voldie be surprised when he gets a mouse as Harry's first born!), his talking to his parents, and his fantasies of having Severus, Remus, and Sirius be his new family.

The fact that the pregancy ended in miscarriage, and that neither the characters nor the audience knew Harry was pregnant until it was over is, in my opinion, also indicative of the series as a whole. Nothing is easy for these two, and it makes a certain morbid sense that even their child is conceived to be incompatable with life (the two Y chromasones). I find myself hoping that later on in the books, when Harry has matured some and Severus has forgiven himself some, that we can have another chance at them having children together. I see them both as damaged people, but as redemable, as able to become whole and healthy. Being able to create a child together and raise it would be the natural end point of a healthy relationship between them, as they both do want a family.

I also want to say that as much as a teenage Harry sees a male pregnancy as disturbing, echoing some reader's thoughts, I'm sure, the adult Severus does not, and neither do I. I think we need to see more of Severus's grief over the miscarriage, as well as Harry coming out of denial and accepting responsiblity for all of his children, and for his sexuality, which they are the physical embodiment of. I want to see Harry grow up in these stories--and I really feel that the denial he is in over the children he has and the one (the really important one, the one with his true love) that he lost. I can't see him being an adult without dealing with this. I would love to see a planned pregnancy between them before the end of this whole thing.

Any thoughts, ABP lovers?
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