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Dumbledore's Acceptance?

This is all off-the-top-of-my-head musings, ramblings, and wild speculations.

Ok, so one thing I've been curious about for a long time is why Dumbledore is so accepting of the situation between Severus and Harry. In fact, he's more than accepting, he's encouraged it. Back in the first book, when Harry was just a cat, maybe I could believe that it was just because Dumbledore thought that it'd be good for Severus to have a...friend (of sorts). A pet. But as the series went on, that simple answer became less and less satisfying. The relationship is certainly not all fluff and fuzzy and emotionally healing (rather the opposite, really). Whatever their feelings for each other, up to this point, there's no strong sense that they're actually good for each other.

So, if Dumbledore's reasons have nothing to do with the emotional well being of either Severus or Harry, then there must be some other explanation. And I'm inclined to think that it has something to do with the fight angainst Voldemort.

I have two theories (completely unsupported, but I like to speculate). One is that Dumbledore is hoping that Harry's closeness to Severus will enable Harry to destroy Voldemort when the time comes. Harry's already picked up quite a bit of ruthlessness from Severus, and if Severus were in danger Harry would fight. (Problem with this is that Harry's still got that life-bond from when Voldemort saved his life.)

Theory two is that Dumbledore hopes that Severus will be Harry's protector. Severus is certainly dangerous. Malfoy seemed frightened of Severus when he spoke with him about Draco in the first book (though he hid it from Severus). Severus *is* dangerous, and skilled in magic, but he doesn't seem to have any confidence in his ability to protect *himself*. It's like it doesn't always quite occur to him that he can fight back in his own defense. Or perhaps he feels he deserves what he gets. But if *Harry* were in danger...well...I think an angry, psychotic, protective Severus would be Really. Damn. Scary.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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